Using Social Media to Connect with our Synod & National Church

While we can all agree that social media sites can become addictive bottomless pits, they can also keep us connected in real-time to activities and causes that are important to us.  There are many ways to connect online with our synod and national church.  For example, the Facebook page of the ELCIC features some excellent photos of the ordination of new MNO Synod Bishop Jason Zinko.

You can get to our MNO Synod and ELCIC sites by going to Links on the category line below the picture at the top of this page.

On Facebook, search for and follow “Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada” and “MNO Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.”

On Twitter, follow @ELCICinfo and @MNOSynod

On Instagram, follow #mnosynod, #MNOyouth and #CLAY2018

To watch videos on YouTube, use the search bar to find MNO Synod and Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.

It is possible to subscribe to national church e-newsletters by following the directions on the ELCiC website (  You can also subscribe to the MNO Synod Weekly Newsletter by signing up on their website (  These newsletters will come directly to your email inbox.

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