Luther Village Needs Help!

Many members of Trinity Starbuck have enjoyed time at Luther Village, while on retreat, as campers, or as employees.  We were distressed to hear of the damage sustained by the camp this fall. Please read on and consider contributing to this appeal:

“On September 16, a terrible storm with torrential rains hit Luther Village. Most roads in the lower part of camp are destroyed and are impassible to vehicles. The beach, campfire pit, trails and other area were also affected. The hills near the campfire pit, washrooms and office may have been weakened by the estimated 11 inches of rain. Insurance is unlikely to cover this damage. If they do, it will only be to partially patch the roads. 

“We made the difficult decision to cancel remaining programs and close the camp early. This includes cancelling the MNO Synod Thanksgiving Youth Retreat. It would have been the 50th year the retreat was held at Luther Village.

“To patch the damage and assess the hills will cost tens of thousands of dollars. Improving the drainage and using better materials will cost more. Can you help us to recover, repair, rebuild and re-open Luther Village to continue God’s Ministry?”

Click on the link below to see how you can help Luther Village. Thank you.

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