Thank you for your service! If you would like to assist in this way, or would like more information on the duties involved, please contact Pastor Debra or Tammy.

Last updated 2pm,  May 10

May 12 Music Sunday  Usher & Greeter:  Wayne    Reader:  Terri M.

May 19    Usher & Greeter:  Tammy  Reader:  Michelle K.

May 26   Usher & Greeter:  Vickie & Jim P.  Reader:  Angela D.  Communion Assistant: Wayne

June 2 Usher & Greeter:  Kevin & Sue V.  Readers:  Abby & Ethan V.

June 9  Usher & Greeter:  tba  Reader:  Terri M.  Communion Assistant:  tba

June 16  Usher & Greeter:  tba    Reader:  tba    Communion Assistant:  Jeremy

June 23  Usher & Greeter:  tba    Reader:  tba

June 30  Usher & Greeter:  tba   Reader:  tba