Thank you for your service! If you would like to assist in this way, or would like more information on the duties involved, please contact Pastor Debra or Tammy.

You can also click on the following web link (or copy it into your web browser if clicking doesn’t work) to go to the signup sheet which covers the period June 23-August 25, 2019:


To sign up, just follow the instructions on the Volunteer Signup webpage. It only takes a few seconds to do, and you will receive a reminder email.  First timers are always welcome and summer is a great time for everyone to take a turn reading or serving at church.


Last updated 8:30pm, July 3

June 16  Usher & Greeter:  Rob L.  Reader:  Susan & Mason R.   Communion Assistant:  Jeremy

June 23  Usher & Greeter:  Doug & Joyce    Reader:  Shirley A.

June 30  Usher & Greeter:  Ron & Gwen   Reader:  Monika Z.  Communion Assistant:  Rob L.

July 7  Usher & Greeter:  Shirley A.  Reader:  Shirley A.

July 14   Usher & Greeter:  Kevin  Reader:  Terri M.  Communion Assistant:  Brenda H.

July 21   Usher & Greeter:  Tammy Reader:  Tammy

July 28   Usher & Greeter:  TBA  Reader:  Becki  Communion Assistant:  TBA

August 4   Usher & Greeter:  Tammy Reader:  Tammy Communion Assistant:  TBA

August 11   Usher & Greeter:  TBA  Reader:  TBA

August 18   Usher & Greeter:  TBA  Reader:  TBA

August 25   Usher & Greeter:  TBA  Reader:  TBA  Communion Assistant:  TBA