Bulletin for October 14, 2018

The posting of the October 14, 2018 bulletin has been delayed due to technical issues.  It will be posted as soon as possible.

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Luther Village Needs Help!

Many members of Trinity Starbuck have enjoyed time at Luther Village, while on retreat, as campers, or as employees.  We were distressed to hear of the damage sustained by the camp this fall. Please read on and consider contributing to this appeal:

“On September 16, a terrible storm with torrential rains hit Luther Village. Most roads in the lower part of camp are destroyed and are impassible to vehicles. The beach, campfire pit, trails and other area were also affected. The hills near the campfire pit, washrooms and office may have been weakened by the estimated 11 inches of rain. Insurance is unlikely to cover this damage. If they do, it will only be to partially patch the roads. 

“We made the difficult decision to cancel remaining programs and close the camp early. This includes cancelling the MNO Synod Thanksgiving Youth Retreat. It would have been the 50th year the retreat was held at Luther Village.

“To patch the damage and assess the hills will cost tens of thousands of dollars. Improving the drainage and using better materials will cost more. Can you help us to recover, repair, rebuild and re-open Luther Village to continue God’s Ministry?”

Click on the link below to see how you can help Luther Village. Thank you.


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Bulletin for Sunday October 7, 2018 Thanksgiving

Bulletin October 4, 2018 Thanksgiving

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October Newsletter 2018

Trinity Lutheran Church Newsletter October 2018

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October Calendar 2018

October Calendar 2018

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Thanksgiving Food Drive

Trinity Lutheran Church 2018 Thanksgiving Food Drive

Please bring items of food to the church on Sunday mornings for our Thanksgiving Food Drive in Support of the Winnipeg Harvest. We will be collecting for them throughout the month of October.

They are in need of the following items:

  1. Canned Fish and Poultry
  2. Canned Fruit and Vegetables
  3. Canned Stew, Chili and Brown Beans
  4. Peanut Butter
  5. Whole Grain Pasta
  6. Baby Formula and Food – iron-enriched formula; baby food jars of vegetables, fruit or meat; infant cereal such as oatmeal, barley or rice.
  7. Rice
  8. Canned Spaghetti Sauce
  9. Cereal
  10. Canned Soup
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Bulletin for Sunday September 30, 2018

Bulletin  for Sunday September 30, 2018 

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Sunday School Fall Newsletter 2018

Sunday School Newsletter Fall 2018

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Using Social Media to Connect with our Synod & National Church

While we can all agree that social media sites can become addictive bottomless pits, they can also keep us connected in real-time to activities and causes that are important to us.  There are many ways to connect online with our synod and national church.  For example, the Facebook page of the ELCIC features some excellent photos of the ordination of new MNO Synod Bishop Jason Zinko.

You can get to our MNO Synod and ELCIC sites by going to Links on the category line below the picture at the top of this page.

On Facebook, search for and follow “Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada” and “MNO Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.”

On Twitter, follow @ELCICinfo and @MNOSynod

On Instagram, follow #mnosynod, #MNOyouth and #CLAY2018

To watch videos on YouTube, use the search bar to find MNO Synod and Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.

It is possible to subscribe to national church e-newsletters by following the directions on the ELCiC website (www.elcic.ca).  You can also subscribe to the MNO Synod Weekly Newsletter by signing up on their website (mnosynod.org).  These newsletters will come directly to your email inbox.

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