Church Council reminder:  If using the line marked “Other” on your offering envelope, please designate which project you wish to support.   Trinity Lutheran sponsors the following projects that could be indicated on the “Other” line: for example,  Lutheran seminaries, the Urban, CLWR, Siloam Mission, and Special Needs fund. From time to time other projects may be announced.   If there is no designation, the offering will be deposited in the general account.  If you need more information, please contact a council member.



Pre-authorized donations are an alternate way to make regular donations to Trinity Lutheran Church even when you are not able to attend services. You choose the amount and the frequency of the donation and your bank will arrange for regular electronic transfers from your bank account to that of Trinity Lutheran Church. And you can still make donations via cheque or cash for special projects such as Praise Appeal or The Urban. You simply use the numbered and dated envelopes assigned to you at the beginning of the year for these occasions. At the end of the year, a charitable donation receipt will be issued for your electronic contributions as well as cheque or cash donations.

You can elect to donate electronically at any time and you can also terminate this arrangement at any time. If you wish to begin this method of donating, please call or text the Trinity Lutheran Church Treasurer (Loren Hendrickson) OR the Envelope Secretary (Nicky Louttit: 204-470-9343) and request the instructions and forms for Pre-Authorized Donations.

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