Please consider volunteering for a committee.  If you are interested or need more information on the role of each committee, see Jennifer Fischer or Pastor Debra.

Property:  Stuart Janke, Brett Rasmussen

Finance:  Loren Hendrickson (Treasurer), Jennifer Fischer, and Jane Rempel

Stewardship:  Loren Hendrickson, Brett Rasmussen and Jane Rempel.

Mutual Ministries:  Christine Houde, Rob Livingston, Jennifer Fischer and Monika Zinn (Starbuck)

Worship:  Becki Ammeter, Heather Fossay,  Elaine Janke, Gwen Rasmussen, and  Monika Zinn (Springstein).

Altar  Guild:  Elaine Janke, Gwen Rasmussen and Monika Zinn.

Lunch:  Susan Burnes, Cathy Kendall, Sherri Misonne,  Diane Rasmussen, Estelle Thornson.  (Spare:  Becki Ammeter)

Sunday School:  Angela Fossay and Liza Rasmussen  (Superintendents) Teachers Susan Burns and Shirley Preusentanz

Youth:  Brianna Houde, Carrie Livingston.

Technology: Clayton Wilchowy

Pastor Debra is an ex-officio member of all committees.