Please consider volunteering for a committee.  If you are interested or need more information on the role of each committee, see Tammy or Pastor Debra.

Property:  Wayne P.,  Rob L., Kevin V.

Finance:  Loren H. (Treasurer), Kevin V., Jane R., Jenn F.

Stewardship:  Jane R., Christine S., Tammy S.

Mutual Ministries:  Rob L., Christine H., Terri M.,

Worship:  Janet A., Patsy A.-V., Heather A., Becki

Altar  Guild:  Bev A., Monika Z., Gwen R., Elaine J.

Lunch:  Sherri M., Susan B., Estelle T., Diane R., Cathy K.  (Spare:  Becki A.)

Sunday School:  Liza R. & Angela F. (Superintendents);  Angela D., Michelle K., Melanie M., Alyssa H., Melissa P., Mark L., Terri M., Harry A.

Youth:  Brenda H., Marcel H., Kevin V., Sue V., Debbie A.-S., Rob L., Shirley L.

Pastor Debra is an ex-officio member of all committees.